Positive & Delightful Living, By Design

Giving form to delightful and meaningful living experiences through furniture and accessories. At Forma we believe that good design brings more than aesthetic choice and functional purpose-it can bring positivity and joy into living experiences.


Forma, a new age furniture brand, intends to impact the Indian users’ lives with accessible designs in Furniture and accessories. Forma carries the values of JSW Group of integrity and proven legacy of delivering quality products. The new enterprise that seeks to inspire urban living with accessible design, backed by quality manufacturing and delivery. Offerings of the brand will be in furniture and accessories for homes.


  • Lightness

    Our products are designed to connect and integrate effortlessly into our users' lifestyles. We do not intrude or aggressively seek attention, and let relevant content take centre-stage.

  • Warmth

    It’s your space and our products will make you feel utmost comfortable, cozy and warm. Our products have been designed from our approachable nature and the desire to make good design more accessible.

  • Adaptable

    All our products are multi-functional. Apart from providing their usual function, they can be adapted to provide various utility functions to enhance the usage of your space.

  • Pop

    Vibrant colors and unique contemporary design are the hallmarks of our products. They reflect the global as well as the Indian sensibilities of modern users.

  • The Global Indian

    We reflect the global + local sensibility of our modern urban user—at ease with global aspirations and confident to create our own contemporary expressions of style and culture.


  • Forma inherits the JSW group’s integrity and proven legacy of delivering quality products nationwide and takes it forward into a new enterprise that seeks to inspire urban living with accessible design, backed by quality manufacturing and delivery. Amongst the leading conglomerates in India, JSW Group is a $13 billion company. It is an integral part of the O. P. Jindal Group and has been a part of major projects that have played a key role in India’s growth.
  • Ranked among India's top business houses, JSW's innovative and sustainable ideas cater to the core sectors of Steel, Energy, Cement and Infrastructure. The Group continues to strive for excellence with its strength, differentiated product mix, state-of-the-art technology, excellence in execution and focus on sustainability.
  • From its humble beginnings in steel, the JSW Group has expanded its presence across India, South America, South Africa & Europe. Through its CSR projects, it also continues to participate in and initiate activities that assist in improving those areas of our country that lack resources.