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Elsewhere #5: Paper Planes’ Nupur Joshi-Thanks picks her favorite design magazines

For this month’s Elsewhere, we decided to do something different. We reached out to Nupur Joshi-Thanks of Paper Planes to recommend five independent magazines from across the world for everyone who appreciates and values good design. Paper Planes has been instrumental in introducing the country to some of the world's best independent magazines and has now evolved as a curated design e-store and content platform. Here are Nupur’s picks:


Nupur Joshi-Thanks, Photo by Blake D'silva


Disegno reports on the significant developments in the design and architecture spaces of the world at large. It features interviews with leading designers, covers roundtables with design tastemakers, as well as delves into design history/culture – making this a robust design journal for anyone looking to stay on top of design goings-on. It is a quarterly journal published in the UK.


A design and craft publication about ordinary things, MacGuffin is published biannually and focuses on a single object for each issue. The magazine follows the journey and significance of the object and by the time one finishes reading the issue, the object in focus is anything but ordinary to the reader. Well-researched and thoroughly enjoyable stories make this an essential collectable print for a design fan.


Whilst not primarily a design magazine, Monocle, a global affairs magazine, has news and features that cover design trends in almost every issue. With bureaus across major cities around the world, the publication keeps a close eye on the evolving design landscape that includes product and urban design. The magazine also releases an annual design focused issue with forecasts of what’s next in design.

Courtesy Paper Planes


This bi-annual publication explores the intersection of design and food. Through features and interviews, Mold attempts to understand and share the future of food and the food industry. Their website is also an interesting place to learn more about how design is playing an important role in the rapidly changing and evolving food culture around the world.


Published in Paris with the partial patronage of the London School of Fashion, Vestoj is a sartorial journal focused on fashion culture that combines academic insights with cultural commentary. It is not your usual run-of-the-mill fashion magazine that focuses on trends and styles, but is a meaningful look at fashion design, examining its origin and relevance. Sadly though, it is published only once a year