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Elsewhere #6 - Design snippets from around the world

For the sixth edition of Elsewhere, we decided to scavenge the web for delightful reads on home and design. From talking houseplants to what makes for the perfect ‘paint name’, here are some interesting reads from the web:

Your Houseplants are Judging You

The New Yorker has put together brutally honest and hilarious advice from those who have (until now) silently seen the good, the bad and the ugly in your life - the plants in your home. Warning: Might lead to a chuckle and/or a potential existential crisis. Read more.

LEGO launches 'Central Perk' set on the 25th anniversary of the TV show Friends

We’ve already included the plush Central Perk couch in our list of Iconic furniture from Films & TV’. Not surprisingly, while everyone was wondering about the best way to celebrate 25 years of the iconic TV series, LEGO’s answer seemed fitting. The company recently unveiled a set that features the Central Perk coffee shop including our favorite oversized couch. The set consists of 1,079 LEGO elements and seven iconic minifigures including the six friends and Gunther! Read more.


How do paint colors get their names, anyway?

“If you’ve ever wondered why paint colors are called “Old Blue Jeans” instead of just ‘blue’”, then this Apartment Therapy piece that mulls over the thought-process behind paint color names will help you find the answer. From attention-grabbing names to multi-sensory paint picking experiences, they’ve got you covered. Read here.

A world of imagination: Drawings by BV Doshi

Padma Shri and Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, BV Doshi is one of the greatest architects of our times. For a recent issue of Apartamento, his granddaughter, architect Khushnu Panthaki Hoof pens down an intimate piece that delves on their relationship, his architectural works and of course, his drawings. She says, “One can never predict what he will draw next. The idea of merging and evolving a new pattern, a new entity, fascinates him. Evolution, absorption, modification, and transformation in nature all enchant him and are evident in his work and drawings.” Read more on Apartamento.