Chair People

You can tell a lot about a person by, well, the chair they like to plant themselves on! Studio Kohl's Mira Malhotra and Pearl D'Souza have conceptualised a series of illustrations of some iconic, easily distinguishable chairs and the kind of people who usually like to sit on them.

Bringing the 70's back

The iconic Eames molded plastic chair has, over the years, become a staple for those who love all things vintage and are often found surrounded by Monstera deliciosa plant. PS: If the nerd in you is alive and clicking, here is a detailed piece about the history of the chair on the official Eames website.

Laze away a long summer day

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing, along with the creators of the sitcom Friends, created a perfect ad for the 'lazy boy' leather recliners - "Inside Good. Outside Bad." This pretty much sums up the kind of folks who would find themselves instantly at home in one of these – the ones who like absolutely no degrees of separation between their drinks, video games, high-volume speakers, and junk/comfort food.

Lean and Mean

Inspired by the chair that reigned during the era of Louis the XVI, the legendary Philippe Starck created the 'Ghost Chair' from polycarbonate plastic which is injected into a single mode. It instantly attracts sitters who dare to match its aesthetics - modern, sophisticated, and clean.

An article in Elle Decor traces the chair's history and lists some interesting facets, and this piece talks about why the chair matters so much.

Under the Goan Sun.

One look at the Planter's Chair and it's not hard to imagine yourself in an idyllic Goan balcony, soaking sun, with one leg planted on the extended arm of the chair, and mind miles away from the cacophony of the world. In India, Planter's origins can be traced way back to the colonial era.

Over a good ol' Cup of Joe

Whether you are a freelancer working out of coffee shops, or just out there to curl up with a book (or stare at your phone), or hanging out with your friends over a good ol' Cup of Joe – this is a chair that you have definitely been on. A very, very common metal chair, ubiquitous in urban cafés.