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Five TV shows for home decor enthusiasts

We plunged into the ocean of interior/home design shows available to stream right now, and came out enlightened and armed with a solid list of these five shows. Not only will these shows take you beyond Pinterest and Instagram if you are looking for ideas, they also share some worthwhile stories about what 'home' can mean to different people, and of course, there are dollops of feel-good factor.

Design HQ

India’s most revered personalities are bound to have equally revered living quarters, glimpses of which are shown to many of us in FOX Life's 'Design HQ'. Viewers are given the rare opportunity to take a virtual tour of a few celebrity homes and how they came to be. The first season saw public figures such as Hrithik Roshan, Masaba Gupta and AD Singh discuss how they designed their houses, in a candid conversation with Ashiesh Shah, the architect responsible for the same.

Courtesy Hotstar

Where The Heart Is

Emotions shine through in Asian Paints' eight-episode offering, 'Where The Heart Is', as the show – staying true to its name – explores the heart and soul of a public figure’s home and what it really means to them. It's not just the in-depth discussions about elaborate floral arrangements or carpet stylings that do you in, but rather the deeper, meaningful roles they take on in people's homes.

Courtesy YouTube

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

For reasons ranging from sheer grandeur to outlandish architecture, certain individualistic homes deserve to be put under the spotlight no matter where they are. This British documentary mini-series does just that with the help of architect Piers Taylor and actress/property enthusiast Caroline Quentin as the pair make their way across Spain, India, Israel and Norway, discovering unconventional houses set against extreme backdrops, from a cliff side to a tea plantation.

Courtesy Netflix

Amazing Interiors

'Amazing Interiors' is devoted to eccentric people who choose to express their idiosyncrasies through their homes, transforming them into unique, spectacular spaces. With no host or narrator, 'Amazing Interiors' focuses on homeowners that are really pushing the boundaries on what 'home' means to them. A couple builds a shipping container home, a man turns his house into a circus, and a sci-fi lover opens a museum in his cellar!

Courtesy Netflix

Queer Eye

Even though interior design is just one-fifth of the premise in this phenomenon of a show, but is more than enough to reserve a spot for this inspiring, feel-good show on this list. Every episode sees the 'Fab Five', each with distinct areas of expertise namely Fashion, Food & Wine, Culture, Grooming and Design, take over the life of an unsuspecting "hero", and completely transform it. A rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish, 'Queer Eye' has already proven to be more than a makeover.

Courtesy Netflix

Text by Shristi Singh